Friday, August 26, 2016

Ballerina Card for Fiona

It is hard for me to resist a garage sale, and, at a recent sale I found a package of these delightful ballerina cupcake toppers for $1. The tiny tulle skirts are just too cute!  I used the packaging to make the frame and background and the cupcake liners that came with the kit were used for the curtain and the flower.  The whole card came together in less than an hour (which is lightning fast for me).

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Bear and Old Bear

Remember when I promised to restore my husband's beloved teddy bear?  Well, I am finished with the restoration and he is looking quite sassy there on the left!

To restore him, I opened a small seam and removed his ancient stuffing.  I am not sure what they stuffed toys with back in the day, but, I seriously hope that was not asbestos.  Next, he was gently soaked and washed for a looong time.  He was really dirty and it took a lot of time to get that grime off.  Once he was clean and dry, I replaced his missing eye with a matching safety eye (thank you Amazon!).  I restuffed the dear boy and then sewed him up again.

I thought about restitching his mouth, but, I like his expression.  He is a boy's teddy bear and has a somewhat defiant look which I love.

On the right is my latest Mr. Ted.  I am doing the ears and eyes a new way - I like them better than the original pattern.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Birthday Butterfly

I was so happy with how this card came out!  This is almost a direct copy of a tag that Tammy Tutterow made.  It is a fun technique and then I had to go and add some glitter on the edges - that's just how I roll.

I did not have a good envelope for this card, so I made one out of a paper bag.  I liked it so much, that I will definetly do this again.

Happy Birthday dear friend!