Monday, March 26, 2018

Solvent Transfer

Easily my favorite transfer method from Courtney Cerruti's class (Creativebug), was the solvent method.  In the above card, I used a black and white copy of the little girl (see photos below) and then transferred it onto my inked cardstock (Tim Holtz distress in Faded Jeans and Scattered Straw).  I used a pink pencil to color in her bathing suit and then stamped the greeting.  The best thing about this method is I can copy the photo and transfer it as many times as I want - the sky is the limit!

The photos of the little girl were found in a flea market.  They are a set that I purchased of the same girl from the 1950's.  I think one of her parents was a very good photographer because her photos are so lovely.  I am looking forward to incorporating these images into more of my art.

Here are some of the photos that I used for image transfer.

Packing Tape Transfer

I have been enjoying Courtney Cerruti's 'Image Transfer' class on Creativebug.  The first type of transfer we learned was the 'packing tape transfer' method.  I made this piece by collaging two packing tape transfers (the flower pattern and snake girl in frame).

For the background, I glued book paper to the card stock and then painted it with gesso and some light colored paint.  I added chit chat stickers and the butterflies are Tim Holtz rub ons.

I really love how layering the transfers allows the images below to come through the clear parts of the tape.  If you grew up feeling a bit different like I did, then the sentiment will ring true with you, too.

and a close up or two.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Japanese Stitched Books

I spent my second Creativebug class learning how to make Japanese Stitched books.  This is easier than the coptic stitch and it presents an opportunity to use all kinds of paper for covers.  On these, I used craft paper stamped with my hand carved flower double stamps.  The paper inside is high quality mixed media paper, so I can give these as gifts to my crafty and artsy friends.

My favorite is the pink!

Birthday Card

I just can't seem to get enough of the brightly colored spray stains.  I splurged on some chit chat stickers and I have been putting them on everything.  Happy Birthday to my niece Corinne!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

My First Coptic Bound Book

I took the plunge and signed up for Creativebug classes.  It is a wonderful deal because when you spend the money on an art class in person, you have to take notes and remember all the details.  However, with Creativebug, I can go back and review the video over and over and over until I get the technique down.  I need lots of repetition apparently.

I have long wanted to learn coptic book binding (in fact, I had all the materials to do so, but, had not learned the skill).  This was another unfinished project that needed fulfillment.

I loved this class!  Book binding with thread is much like knitting because the tension must stay consistent.  I have so many books that I would like to repurpose and making sketchbooks and notebooks out of old beautiful covers is something I plan on doing more of.

Dropcloth Sampler Completed

This is one of those projects that I completed last year (my year of completions so to speak).  If you like doing embroidery you should check out Rebecca Ringquist's books, Etsy shop, and she has classes on Creativebug.  I must say that I enjoyed this project even more than anticipated.  Embroidery can be like sculpture and Rebecca has a modern approach which is refreshing.  Particularly for someone like me who has trouble keeping the back of the work nice and neat (which traditionally is a bit of a requirement).  The book makes a nice reference too, so I will be keeping it in my library.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday

My youngest grand-niece turned one and I wanted to make a card as adorable as she is.  I missed the mark because this child is unbelievably cute.  However, I was happy to be using one of my favorite fairy stamps again.

I am also tremendously excited about my new portable light box.  This thing helps me take amazing pictures.  Obviously, I need to work on my staging a bit, but, I am so pleased with this picture.

Check out the light box I purchased here.