Friday, October 30, 2015

A Gift From Dr. Craftenstein

Is this not awesome?  My friend Dr Craftenstein gifted me with this cool necklace that she crafted via resin pouring. She included some skin that her pet lizard had shed (forgive me Dr. C - he is a beautiful bearded dragon, right?). I love natural items and have a jar full of oddities at home, but, I never thought about suspending them in resin and making wearable art.  I love this necklace and I wear it all the time.

I am making something special for my inspirational friend, and it should be in the mail soon.... Bwa ha ha ha....

Halloween Card

Here is this year's Halloween Card!  I bought this stamp at the Heirloom Rubber Stamping Festival this past February knowing that it would be featured on this year's Halloween card.  I have a couple of barn cats and this image made me smile.  I've seen our savage predators stalking all sorts of small animals on the farm.  There are no rats for miles as far as I can tell.  Once they had taken care of the rodents, they started going after other creatures - the worst was the sad day they felled a beautiful hummingbird.  But what skill to actual catch a hummingbird!

So this year's card is dedicated to our little terrors - Cookie and Pearl!

Some technical details - I stamped the image on watercolor paper and heat embossed it to preserve the detail while coloring.  I again used the wonderful Peerless watercolors with a brush on the image.

Here is the inside of the card...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Eyeball Softies

My love of crafting with felt continues.  I found this eyeball pattern on the internet and made three.  I was not so happy with my stitching so I bought a book on embroidery and started practicing.  Now I am slightly obsessed with embroidering and have made a huge dent in a sampler. I am going to make more of these eyeball softies with blue irises and orange irises.  I opted to put shakers on the inside so they rattle!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Magic from Lost Coast Designs

This month's challenge on the Lost Coast Design blog is 'Monochromatic'.  I made this piece using the 'Up Close and Personal' stamp set  and the 'Dream Magic Love' stamp set from Lost Coast Designs.  The face is stamped on mirrored paper so that it appears that he is looking through a window into our world.... Magic!