Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stamp Carving Class at Double Dutch Press!

Some of you know that I took a new job in Athens, GA.  Definitely one of my better decisions in life.

Anyhoo, while I acclimated to my new commute through Athens, I noticed this little shop with an intriguing sign - 'Double Dutch Press'.  Hmmmm....

Then I happened on a flier from this same mysterious establishment and found that it is a print making shop (silk screen, linotype, etc) and they offer 'STAMP CARVING CLASSES'. Well, I knew right then and there I would be signing up for the next session.

 The class was absolutely awesome and I can't thank Amanda and Katherine enough for making it informative and fun.  I had tried carving my own stamps before, but, with little success.  I learned a lot about the process from Amanda (instructor) and gained much needed confidence.  So here are some of the pictures, and before I go further, I must tell you that I chose an oddball image to carve (big surprise). It is a shuttle from the old fashioned weaving process.  Why?  I will let you know when I post info on my first letterbox!

My instructor Amanda (right) looks on while I test out my carving.  Periodically you ink your work and then test the result on paper.
Some of Amanda's carvings - a colander and a typewriter.  Amazing!  Also, some of the tools used.
This is the original image.
And here is the end result (I cannot get the picture to rotate properly).  Amanda helped me make a batch of cards using the new stamp - she custom mixed some sepia ink for me and I used a brayer to spread it onto the stamp.  I am very pleased with my new carve!

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