Saturday, August 31, 2013

Abandoned Art Bookmarks

One of the new things to do with your crafted items is to abandon them somewhere and leave your website address so whoever finds it can contact you.  I participated in a bookmark abandonment where my bookmark was left in a public library in Oregon (along with some of my Rubberstampchat compadres' bookmarks).    The challenge was to create the bookmark using a pink strip of paper that the organizer provided.  You could decorate in any way you chose.  I die cut mine after stamping some text on it.  Then I collaged it with some Lynn Parella stamped artwork onto a piece of cardstock and added dyed crinkle ribbon.

I hope whoever finds the bookmark enjoys it!  I would love to know what book it was left in.


  1. This is a great idea! Did you ever hear anything? Sorry, I've been off this thing almost a year and I'm catching up.

  2. Hey! I keep forgetting about these things. Some of the other participants did get responses, but, I never did. You have to wait until the book that the organizer left your bookmark in gets picked up and opened, and you have to hope the person who finds your stuff will actually let you know they got it. I still think it is a great idea and maybe I will just starting leaving my stuff around town here in Athens.