Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014 - May

This was so much fun! (Tim's tag is here) The challenge was to incorporate found objects into a tag and anyone who has seen me at a flea market or thrift store knows that I am like a magpie - finding shiny and interesting bits to carry back to my craft room.  I have muffin tins full of little objects and I love incorporating them into my art.  The hardest part was culling it down to the essential items for this tag.  I thought about making a bigger tag, but, I am trying to keep the size uniform this year in hopes of making a tag book.  So here is the list (clockwise from top)

1)  Tim Holtz ideology mini light bulb wrapped in small black cord
2)  Eyeglass parts.  The bug picture is encased in an old spectacle lens.  I had to use wire to hold the frame part around the glass and I used Glossy Accents to stick the picture to the lens.
3)  The color picture of bug was found in an old dictionary that has color pictures.
4)  Sand dollar from the beach
5)  Tim Holtz die cut and rubbing for text
5)  Man in top hat postcard.  This postcard is so interesting because there is a big blank space next to the picture.  So I guess you would write on the front?

Here is a picture of the supplies:

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  1. Oh my how cool us this tag?! So amazing! Love the gentleman and all that vintage goodness. Karen.x