Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Felties

Merry Christmas!

I recently had dinner with my friend Dr. Craftenstein and asked her how she handled  'craft burnout'.  In February this past year, I worked intensely on some magazine and book submissions and found that after I dropped those projects in the mail, I just could not get interested in creating anything new.  My wise friend said she moved to different things when she got tired of one type of crafty project.  I thought about it and realized that I have been working on stamping cards and art projects almost exclusively for quite some time and maybe I should branch out a bit.

Thus began my felting adventures.  Oh my goodness - I cannot pass a thrift store without scouring it for 100% wool sweaters to felt in the washer.  A great deal of my time on the internet is spent poring over felt project patterns and in the evenings I am stitching on something while the tv is on.  And yes, I did get my stamping groove back eventually.

So for Christmas this year, the kids got felt gifts.  The girls received bird ornaments (pattern from this book) and the boys received felt moustaches (and I had mucho fun!)

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