Monday, January 25, 2016

Sewing Projects

This year, I have been catching up on forgotten projects and I finally finished these burlap sack pillows.  They are for my step-daughter's new home and I was amazed at how quickly I can finish an envelope style pillow cover.  They were a big hit and had the desired shabby chic vibe.  Now I will be envelope covering everything in sight!

Also, made another Mr. Ted.  This one for my granddaughter.  I got a report that the beta version of this bear lost his button eyes quickly.  I immediately purchased safety eyes (visions of choking children keeping me up at night).  These safety eyes are going nowhere my friend!  Last I saw this guy, he was wearing a tiara at Mary-Grace's 2nd birthday party.

And here is a picture of dear Mr. Ted with my husband's first teddy bear.  I plan on restoring this little guy.

Back to some stamping fun!

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