Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Bear and Old Bear

Remember when I promised to restore my husband's beloved teddy bear?  Well, I am finished with the restoration and he is looking quite sassy there on the left!

To restore him, I opened a small seam and removed his ancient stuffing.  I am not sure what they stuffed toys with back in the day, but, I seriously hope that was not asbestos.  Next, he was gently soaked and washed for a looong time.  He was really dirty and it took a lot of time to get that grime off.  Once he was clean and dry, I replaced his missing eye with a matching safety eye (thank you Amazon!).  I restuffed the dear boy and then sewed him up again.

I thought about restitching his mouth, but, I like his expression.  He is a boy's teddy bear and has a somewhat defiant look which I love.

On the right is my latest Mr. Ted.  I am doing the ears and eyes a new way - I like them better than the original pattern.

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