Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Garden Fairy Boxes - Assemblages

Here are the first finished projects from my catch up year!

I have been fascinated with assemblage boxes, but, whenever I try to make one it comes out kind of cutesy.  Which is OK - I live in a pink puffball world anyway, so that is just how my art comes out.

So I found these girls' photos in a Salvation Army.  I loved their dresses and their sweet expressions. I  papered the boxes with vintage papers, added wings and some metal adornments and then some faux foliage.  I just kept going until I felt they were 'done'.

These boxes are tiny - maybe 3-4 inches square.  They can stand on their own or hang by a sawtooth hanger glued on the back.

Meet Maybeetle and Junebug!

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