Monday, September 18, 2017


It has been a challenging summer in many ways.  I took a lot of comfort from making this assemblage - probably the first assemblage that I am totally happy with.  It did not come together easily.  You can't tell, but, I have bolted and unbolted so many components to this box.  I finally left just the essentials.  When it got crowded, it got less peaceful.

So here is 'Peace' and may you find it in your life as well.

 The box was made by combining an antique frame with a wooden box (thanks hubby!).  I whitewashed the box, lined the inside of the box with music notes paper, whitewashed again, and then sanded the edges.  I included a vintage butterfly frame with the Madonna portrait.  The ceramic Madonna figurine is on top of an old faucet handle.  The praying hands are holding an old perfume compact that has been cleaned and yet another Madonna image glued to the inside.  Parts from an old watch are glued to the front of the compact.  The compact opens and closes, so this is an interactive peace.

It took me a while to figure out why the photo is picking up lines in the framed Madonna.  Those are reflections of the siding on my house.  I am thinking about investing in a small portable lightbox, but, for now I get the best images outside during twilight.

I like how the figurine's fingers are broken and blackened (that is how she came and I could not clean the fingers off and I really tried).  Is this not how peace is?  Things explode in life and we must stay still and hold on to our peace.

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